5 Benefits of Online Courses vs. A Traditional Classroom (2023)

Written by Kendall Job, Editorial Intern

If you are considering the idea of taking an online course but aren’t convinced quite yet, you’ve come to the right place! Some are hesitant to try out an online course because many have become so accustomed to the traditional face-to-face classroom interaction. However, there are definitely perks to taking an online course over those held in person. Here are five benefits to taking that leap of faith and studying online.

1. Schedule flexibility

There is an incredible amount of flexibility that online courses can offer. Often there are assignment deadlines set at different times throughout the course, allowing for participants to learn at their own pace and complete the coursework on their own time. If you’re balancing a current full-time job, online courses can work around your life and schedule without interrupting your career. Online students also have the opportunity to create their own study environment without the distractions a traditional classroom sometimes presents.

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2. Cost-Friendly

Taking online courses tends to be significantly cheaper than taking classes on a traditional college campus. The average online student will spend approximately$100-$400 per credit hourin an online course. As an on-campus student, there are often additional costs associated. Therefore, this is a much more cost-efficient option. All course materials are presented online, and many textbooks can be downloaded or rented in an e-reader version for much less than traditional books.

3. Boost Career Advancement

Sometimes the difference between your current position and your next promotion is another degree or certification. Not only will you be taking the opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge in your subject area, but you can also pick and choose the exact courses you need or want to take. According toThe Learning House, over half of online students employed full or part-time were able to have their tuition reimbursed by their employers. Taking online courses won’t stunt your career growth, but instead will allow you to grow as an individual and set yourself up for success in your position.

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4. Self-Discipline

Online courses can teach students organization and time management by imposing a certain sense of accountability on the individual. One must set aside a considerable amount of time to complete the work and meet the deadlines associated with an online learning schedule. A typical 3-credit course requires around8 hours of work per week. Adding online coursework to your daily schedule will allow you to learn how to work efficiently and complete your work when you know it’s necessary. You’ll learn how best to hold yourself accountable and stay organized, too, so you never miss a deadline!

5. Course Variety

Higher education today allows for animmense variety of coursesthat can be taken toward a degree. Since they all can’t physically be offered at the same university, your best bet to have the most options for classes is online. Being able to choose from a wide range of courses won’t force you to pick classes based only on requirements, but out of personal interest, too. No matter what or where you are studying, there are many options to choose from. You can usually take the exact courses you need that will count toward your certificate or degree, without worrying about missing out on a class.

(Video) 5 Differences between Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Though there are many more benefits to skipping the traditional classroom and engaging in online learning, these are just a few of the top reasons to consider taking your next course online. Share any of your top reasons to take online courses with others below in the comments!

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5 Benefits of Online Courses vs. A Traditional Classroom? ›

Online learning is great for those who want to manage studies with work and other life activities. With adjustable schedules and less burden, they can learn with ease. Classrooms require more discipline and active participation. Teachers get greater command over students in a traditional learning environment.

What are three benefits of an online course compared to a traditional classroom course? ›

Online Classes Pros and Cons
They offer custom learningThere is a lack of interpersonal skill development
They support lifelong learningThere is a lack of student motivation
They cultivate self-discipline skills
They cost less (for both parties)
3 more rows
Sep 14, 2022

What are the benefits of online school vs classroom? ›

Online learning is great for those who want to manage studies with work and other life activities. With adjustable schedules and less burden, they can learn with ease. Classrooms require more discipline and active participation. Teachers get greater command over students in a traditional learning environment.

Which is better online classes or traditional classrooms? ›

Online programs make a college degree more accessible for many students — particularly those who are working full-time, who have family obligations, and/or who live far from the college campus. Online classes also give students more autonomy over their learning, and allow them to work at an individualized pace.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of online classes? ›

Summary: What are the advantages and disadvantages of online classes?
FlexibilityLack of face-to-face interaction
ConvenienceDifficulty staying motivated
Cost-effectivenessLimited access to resources and support
Access to a wider range of programmes and course offeringsTechnical difficulties
5 more rows

Why online courses are better? ›

Online courses offer flexibility. You can study any time you want. You can study with whomever you want. You can study wearing anything you want (or nothing if you prefer!) Online courses give you the flexibility to spend time with work, family, friends, significant others or any other activity you like.

What is the major benefit of online courses? ›

Integrating coursework with technology provides a number of advantages. Rather than waiting days or weeks after exams, you can often get immediate feedback. In online courses, students upload assignments digitally for review by their professor. Professors review student work online and submit feedback electronically.

What are the advantages of eLearning over traditional classroom learning? ›

If you're balancing a current full-time job, online courses can work around your life and schedule without interrupting your career. Online students also have the opportunity to create their own study environment without the distractions a traditional classroom sometimes presents.

What are the similarities and differences between online learning and traditional learning? ›

What are the differences between online and traditional learning?
Online educationTraditional education
Anytime, anyplaceForced in a schedule and place
Flexible paceImposed pace
AloneTogether with your colleagues
Supports an independent learning styleLearning from and with each other
3 more rows
Jul 22, 2020

What is the difference between face to face and online learning? ›

F2F: Class meetings occur at a specific time in a specific location according to a set schedule. When in class, the instructor typically sets the pace. Online: It is up to the student to set their own pace for much of the work that needs to be completed in an online course.

What is the difference between online learning and classroom learning? ›

Classroom Learning involves physical interactions with a teacher and peers, while online learning transfers this component to a virtual environment. So while there is human interaction, it happens online via virtual lectures, virtual discussions, face-to-face video workshops etc.

Are online classes easier than classes taken in the classroom? ›

For some people, online programs are easier because they offer a flexible schedule. In addition, people with great time management skills and a sense of responsibility can excel in online classes. However, online education may be more challenging for those who enjoy learning in a classroom environment.

Is online learning better or worse for students? ›

Online Learning Requires Self-Discipline

If a student does not feel they are getting the proper guidance, they may not have enough self-discipline to fully engage in the lessons themselves. Moving to virtual, real-time classes instead of just online courses gives a greater sense of accountability.

Can online learning replace the school classroom? ›

Through eLearning, one can quickly go through any subject without wasting time on issues that do not require extensive study or are easy to comprehend. The benefits of eLearning have given us a promising trend, and it can be regarded as a substitute for classroom learning.

What are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of offline classes? ›

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Offline Classes
Enhanced Learning ExperienceLimited Flexibility
Better Focus and ConcentrationLack of Individual Attention
Improved Social SkillsInefficient Learning
Access to ResourcesLimited Resources
1 more row

What are the positive effects of online learning on student performance? ›

It ensures a dynamic interaction between teachers and students. Online learning can build dynamic interactions between teachers and students as well as students and their fellow students. They can synergize throughout the learning process by effectively sharing ideas and information.

Are online students more successful? ›

The results are generally consistent with past research: Online coursework generally yields worse student performance than in-person coursework. The negative effects of online course-taking are particularly pronounced for less-academically prepared students and for students pursuing bachelor's degrees.

Why online school is better for mental health? ›

Less Negative Competition

Students who prefer a less competitive environment may be left behind and lose interest. Online schools focus more on the student than how they measure up to peers. This may be better for students who find that competition impacts their mental health.

What skills can students develop from online learning? ›

Below are just a few of those vital skills:
  • Time management. Time management usually equals excellent leadership. ...
  • Digital literacy. It's clear we live in a digital world. ...
  • Problem-solving skills. ...
  • Work-life balance. ...
  • Online communication.
Feb 25, 2022

What are the benefits of online learning for middle school students? ›

Benefits of Virtual Learning in Middle School

Kids can learn at their own pace and learn to be disciplined. The freedom of virtual learning allows the student room to follow guidelines and learn responsibility. Parents can take more of an active role in their child's education as supervision increases.

What are the 3 main advantages of eLearning? ›

Top 10 Benefits of eLearning
  • E-learning Fully Adjusts to Your Needs. Online studying is designed to accommodate everyone's needs. ...
  • Reduced Cost. ...
  • Remote Approach To Various Classes. ...
  • Transfer Credits & Commuting. ...
  • Instant Career Advancement. ...
  • Quick Delivery. ...
  • Scalability. ...
  • Consistency & Teacher Scarcity.
Apr 17, 2023

What is the difference between traditional learning and e? ›

Students can learn and complete online education courses within their own timeframe as compared to traditional learning. Secondly, it gives proper education by experts in particular subjects. It takes less time to learn much because the experts teach particular topics in less time.

What are the disadvantages of traditional learning? ›

Disadvantages of traditional education
  • Schedule stiffness: There's no flexibility to create a personal calendar in order to combine studies and personal or work life.
  • Higher costs not only of money but also of time: as previously mentioned, commuting demands an economic expense.

What is the conclusion for online learning and face to face learning? ›

It is concluded that online and face-to-face activities can lead to similar levels of academic performance, but that students would rather do written activities online but engage in discussion in person.

What are the similarities between classroom learning and online learning? ›

Students should do their research on each option for one may work better for the individual than the other. Online learning and traditional classrooms both have similarities in the material being taught along with differences like, scheduling, communication and the learning procedures.

What are the similarities between online and classroom instruction? ›

Online courses let students learn at their own pace, accomplish assignments on their own schedules and acquire the same knowledge as they would in a traditional, classroom-based course. Just like traditional classes, online instructors use discussion, assignments and community to educate students.

What are the differences and similarities between face-to-face and online communication? ›

Face-to-face interactions are predominantly synchronous, meaning they occur naturally. The listener has instantaneous receipt and a quick response. Online communication can be synchronous with rapid-fire responses, but it can also be asynchronous.

What is the difference between teaching online and in person? ›

The biggest difference is the sharing of content. Most traditional teachers share their work with their team. With virtual teaching, the teachers have to develop their content. Of course, they can purchase content or have someone to develop it for them.

What makes online learning easier for students? ›

Students can access their courses at any time of day or night. Further, they have continuous access to lectures, course materials, and class discussions. This is particularly convenient for those who may need to reread a lecture or take more time to reflect on some material before moving on.

What is the hardest part of online class? ›

Here are some of the biggest challenges of online education today.
  • Lack of Motivation in Students.
  • Infrastructural Problems.
  • Digital Literacy and Technical Issues.
  • Lack of In-person Interaction.
  • Lack of EdTech and Online Learning Options for Special Needs of Students.
  • Course Structure and Quality.
Apr 10, 2023

Are online classes more flexible? ›

An online learning or blended learning environment gives students more flexibility than a traditional classroom. In a physical classroom, you are typically expected to attend class and take tests at a specific time and location.

What is the success rate of online learning? ›

Success rates tend to be higher in face-to-face classes. In Fall 15, face-to-face classes had a success rate of 69% versus only 60% in online classes, a gap of 9%. However, this gap has been decreasing, with only a 3% gap in success rates in Fall 19 (70% in face-to-face versus 67% online).

Are online classes helpful statistics? ›

eLearning can help students to retain between 25% and 60% more information. However, an increase in eLearning has resulted in a 30% increase of failing grades. eLearning has created a socioeconomic divide with 25% to 33% of students not having access to resources.

Do more students prefer online learning? ›

While not as many students enroll in fully-online and mostly online programs compared to two years ago, a majority of students enjoy the flexibility of online learning and would prefer to have a mix of online and in-person instruction in their program.

What are 5 advantages of using the internet? ›

What are the advantages of the Internet?
  • Connectivity, communication, and sharing. ...
  • Information, knowledge, and learning. ...
  • Address, mapping, and contact information. ...
  • Selling and making money. ...
  • Banking, bills, and shopping. ...
  • Donations and funding. ...
  • Entertainment. ...
  • Work from home, collaboration, and access to a global workforce.

What are the three advantages of using internet? ›

14 Ways the Internet Improves Our Lives
  • Providing better access to health information and options. ...
  • Making it easier to communicate with friends and family. ...
  • Offering a wealth of online activities and experiences to enjoy remotely. ...
  • Promoting workforce development skills. ...
  • Increasing access to social services and benefits.
Mar 1, 2022

What are 5 advantages or benefits of having the internet of things? ›

Top five advantages of the IoT:
  • Reduced costs.
  • Higher efficiency and productivity.
  • More business opportunities.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Increased mobility and agility.
Dec 21, 2022

Is online better than classroom? ›

By learning through online means, you get a chance to explore various options. On the other hand, classroom learning requires great motivation. You have to travel to a specific place to acquire knowledge. Classroom learning can be less convenient than online learning.

What is the difference between real and virtual classes? ›

In contrast to real classrooms, learners in virtual classrooms aren't expected to sit back and listen to their tutor. Active learning is used more. However, the main reason for this goes back to both the tutor and choosing the right virtual classroom software.

How online courses can replace traditional classroom teaching? ›

Online Learning is More Flexible

Online learning is fundamentally flexible since learners do not have to sit in classrooms. They can access the training at their convenience and at their own individual pace. Students can also change the speed of learning, unlike traditional higher education courses that are more rigid.

Why is online learning better? ›

Enhanced Time Management Skills

Online courses teach students how to manage their time better since the student bears the responsibility of engaging with the course instead of simply showing up to class on an assigned day and time.

How is online school beneficial? ›

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of online education and how it can help you achieve your education and career goals.
  • Scheduling Flexibility. ...
  • Lower Total Costs. ...
  • More Comfortable Learning Environment. ...
  • Pacing Options. ...
  • Geographic Flexibility. ...
  • Career Advancement. ...
  • Improve Your Technical Skills.

Why is online better than offline? ›

Only in offline classes is it possible to comprehend a subject better. Greater involvement and interaction – In face-to-face learning, there is greater interaction between the students and the lecturers. They get to participate in more class activities.

What are the advantages of e learning over traditional classroom learning? ›

If you're balancing a current full-time job, online courses can work around your life and schedule without interrupting your career. Online students also have the opportunity to create their own study environment without the distractions a traditional classroom sometimes presents.

What are three major differences between online schools and traditional homeschooling? ›

Social Opportunities
FeaturesOnline SchoolHomeschool
Teachers Specializing in Online LearningYesNo
Curriculum Designed for Independent Online LearningYesNo
Parent Choice in CurriculumNoYes
School Sponsored Clubs & Field TripsYesNo
4 more rows
Sep 9, 2022

How does online learning differ from the traditional students in seats classroom model? ›

The main difference is that the class members are meeting in-person at the same time and place. Instead, students meet in an online course site where they can type and use audio or video to accomplish the objectives of the course.

What are the 5 biggest advantages of eLearning? ›

Top 10 Benefits of eLearning
  • E-learning Fully Adjusts to Your Needs. Online studying is designed to accommodate everyone's needs. ...
  • Reduced Cost. ...
  • Remote Approach To Various Classes. ...
  • Transfer Credits & Commuting. ...
  • Instant Career Advancement. ...
  • Quick Delivery. ...
  • Scalability. ...
  • Consistency & Teacher Scarcity.
Apr 17, 2023

What are two advantages of eLearning as opposed to traditional learning? ›

Flexibility: distance education allows access to classes whenever and wherever you want. The schedule is flexible so the student can create a personal study plan with their needs in mind. There's no need to give up anything because of a lack of time. Commodity: there's no need to commute in vain.

What is the difference between online school and in school? ›

What is the difference between in-person and online learning? Online learning is exactly what it sounds like: classrooms and subject materials are all covered virtually. In-person learning is the traditional way of learning, where students attend face-to-face classes at allotted times.

Are online schools as effective as traditional schools? ›

Educators at dedicated online schools have figured out what works and what doesn't work. Today, attending an online school can be just as effective, if not more effective, than attending a brick-and-mortar school for some children.

What is the difference between online school and distance learning? ›

Online learning will involve in-person interaction between you and your students on a regular basis. This is because online learning is used as a blended learning technique along with other teaching strategies. Distance learning includes no in-person interaction between teachers and students.

What is the difference between face to face and online classes? ›

Face-to-face learning methods usually only involve traditional learning materials such as textbooks and lecture notes. An online learning session is more interactive in comparison, with many different types of training.

What is more effective online class or face to face? ›

The Advantages of Face to Face Learning in the Classroom

You'll be able to concentrate harder on your learning because there'll be less distraction than if you were at home. You may feel more comfortable and learn more easily in a familiar, traditional classroom situation.


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